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Mounty Lenyeletse
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21 days challenge

Everyone loves a challenge. I love a challenge. So, when Herbalife Nutrition launched their latest 21 Day Challenge with Nile Wilson, the elite British gymnast, I was all signed up and ready to go. No extortionate fees or face-to-face time required; just daily updates and videos from Nile via the Herbalife blog that either outlined the workout for that day or, quite refreshingly, imparted a little titbit of knowledge or motivation on the occasional rest day. The workouts are all designed with an Olympian in mind; each session building on both physical and mental strengths you would expect to find in a top athlete. The workouts each lasted between 15-20 minutes, and so were very easy to fit into my daily routine. A favourite was definitely the progression to a handstand, something of a holy grail in bodyweight exercises. I have tried, and failed, to get my body upside down in the past, but the 21-day challenge broke the handstand down into three separate sessions, each a week apart. It was a refreshing approach on what can be quite a daunting task. Other workout sessions see you tackle full body workouts, stretches, core flexibility and stability, and cardio. It is a real mix of pushes and pulls, and you can tell that this is a program designed by an athlete. On day 21, Nile leaves you with his tips on creating good habits and, as someone very well placed to impart such knowledge, you really feel as if you come away with something. The 21-day challenge also requires no gym equipment, with most of the workouts easily done either in the comfort of your own home or outdoors. It was certainly a different approach for me not to be heading straight for the weights, but meant there were no excuses when it came to getting the workouts done. Herbalife Nutrition have supported Nile’s gymnastic career for two years now, and it’s clear that they have the perfect range for both intra and post-workout nutrition. Their CR7 Drive once again kept me well hydrated during the workouts (vital in this heat), and the Rebuild Strength containing protein which supports the growth and maintenance of muscle mass after some of the more physical workouts. If you fancy tackling the 21-day Challenge from Herbalife Nutrition, you can find each workout via the link here. Be sure to watch the videos on each page as Nile talks you through each exercise, why each exercise is important, and gives you priceless nuggets of information and motivation along the way.
Posted by Mounty Lenyeletse on Wednesday 7 October 2020


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